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Dr. Garber is a Urologist specializing in the following areas:

- Penile Implants / Impotence
- Prostate microwave treatment
- Prostate laser vaporization
- Cryo (freezing) prostate cancer
- CyberKnife® Treatment of Prostate Cancer
- Other Male Urologic Disorders
- Urology Expert Witness Services
- UROLIFT enlarged prostate treatment
- NEW: Penile Enlargement and Male Genital Cosmetic Procedures
- Urologic Instruments

Dr. Garber is also available to assist assist attorneys with medical malpractice cases that involve Urologic issues. He is very selective, preferring to assist only with strong cases. He has over 20 years experience reviewing medical records for deviations from the standard of care. Dr. Garber has prepared many reports, done many depositions, and testified in court in a variety of states. He can assist with both plaintiff and defense matters. Attorneys can feel free to call him for a free phone review of a case that you are considering; kindly prepare a short sketch of the case that you want him to evaluate. In addition, after evaluating all of the medical records, he will give you a candid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

Male Urologic Disorder Treatment by Dr. Bruce B. Garber, MD, FACS

Dr. Bruce B. Garber

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